Forsaken World is a Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG from the developers of Perfect World. Take control of one of 5 races and 8 classes, complete in action-packed mounted PvP and upgrade your character like never before. Like Perfect World before it, Forsaken World's strength is in its variety. Choose from Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Kindred or Stonemen as your race and culture, each with their own in-depth narrative and history. Then decide between Assassin, Bard, Marksman, Mage, Priest, Protector, Vampire or Warrior as your class and combat style. Roam through an ever-changing land, discover an advanced guild system and immerse yourself in a dark fantasy world.

Forsaken World Key Features

Seven Playable Races - Choose from Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Stonemen, Kindred and more!

Nine Unique Classes - Take your pick of Blood Reaper, Warrior, Protector, Mage, Priest, Assassin, Marksman, Vampire and Bard, each offering a customized play style.

Occupational Path - Be a Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Bladesmith, Tamer or Alchemist.

Rewarding Guild System - Gain access to special guild features such as quests, housing, NPCs and guild-versus-guild warfare.

To The Victor, The Spoils - Capture your enemies' Soul Orbs to replenish HP, MP or to cast special skills during the heat of battle.

Invoke The Gods - Pray to the gods and receive special blessings.

Explore Mysterious Dungeons - Dynamic dungeons scale according to players' experience levels.

Gear Grows With You - Weapons and gear will evolve and gain new physical appearances!

Never Adventure Alone - Pets are always a must-have, but will also be indispensable in battle!