Friday the 13th: The Game is one of the most anticipated horror games of all time. In this action packed survival horror masterpiece, you will finally be able to play as Jason Voorhees and the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake! Will you choose the path of the terrified teen, running for your life from the most famous of unstoppable movie psychopaths, or will you stand your ground and fight? Or will you step into the blood-spattered shoes of Jason, and track down those pesky camp dwellers, one by one? One thing is certain, in Friday the 13th: The Game, someone's gonna die!

Friday The 13th: The Game Key Features

Classic 80's Horror Action - Everything about the game is drawn directly from the Friday the 13th franchise, down to the visual fidelity of 1980s videotapes! Relive - and rewrite - the movies!

Play As Jason Voorhees! - What else needs to be said? In Friday the 13th: The Game, you can finally take control of everyone's favorite hockey mask wearing psychopath, and get those annoying teenagers once and for all! Kill in classic - and new - ways, and choose from a number of different visual representations of Jason from the movies... and even a couple of brand new ones

Fight Or Flight - Players who play as Camp Crystal Lake counselors can hide, and hope Jason doesn't find them, they can try to run, or they can even stand up to him and fight; work together with your fellow counselors, or run away, and let Jason satiate his murderous urges on your fellow players!

Player Vs. Player As Never Before - A group of unarmed teenagers must survive the night; It's one vs. all in this new spin on PvP action!

Camp Crystal Lake Revisited - Mirroring Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th series, players will try to survive in a camp ground setting. Complete with a lake, cabins, and crazed killer who won’t stop until you die a gruesome death.