Game of Emperors is a MMORTS that allows you to live out you fantasies as a medieval ruler, complete with city, army and population management. In this kingdom management simulator, players can form alliances, manage their ruling dynasty and make all the tough decisions to ensure their empire will span the ages with economic and military power.

With charming graphics and gameplay mechanics that resemble its counterpart Imperia Online, fans of the genre will feel right at home in this world of war, politics and intrigue. Game of Emperors is available in 30 languages, and, combined with easy messaging and a lucrative alliance system, promises to unify the world as fans of the genre each carve out their own empires with a little help from their friends.

Kingdom Management - Construct economic and militaristic buildings and research tech through Universities within your cities. Annex provinces and expand your empire to become a sprawling medieval superpower.

Battling Armies - Lay waste to your enemies with armies of swordsmen, spearmen, archers, cavalry and siege units. Engage in field battles and fortress assaults, deciding whether to spare or pillage your opponent's civilian population.

Alliances - Team up with fellow players to amass a collective treasury of resources and help each other to wage war and develop your kingdoms.

Resource Management - Collect and trade resources to build up your infrastructure and train military units for combat, with an opportunity to collect special resources that grant unique benefits.

Great People - Maintain a roster of Great People whose skills and and talents bestow unique benefits upon your empire - you can even appoint successors to the throne and marry them off to fellow players, just like the olden days.