Global Adventures is an action packed exploration MMO where you step into the shoes of a treasure hunter exploring ancient ruins for lost artifacts and hidden relics. Your life changes the day you decide to join the Treasure Hunter's Association and head down to explore some Mayan ruins. Your treasure hunt quickly becomes something more, however, as your expeditions reveal bits and pieces of information that could unravel some of history's deepest mysteries. Enemies about, challenges await, and secrets hide in dark places, awaiting discovery. Can you make your way past all of the obstacles to unravel what lies beneath?

Global Adventures Key Features

Solo Or Multiplayer - Adventure alone or forge a clan with others, and face the challenges of treasure hunting together.

Loads Of Enemies - Face off against enemies from zombies to secret societies to actual ninjas. Be quick!

Discover Hidden Treasure - Locate hidden treasures and gain in skills and power.

5 Continents, 7 Seas - Explore a virtual world that actually spans the entire world. Where will your adventures lead you?

Five Unique Classes - Five different classes, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Choose your path!

Customize Your Character - Deck your character out with costumes, armor, and many other cosmetic items.

Prepare Your Defenses - Build an actual castle and defend yourself from attacks. Strong walls are the best defense.

Immersive Gameplay - Experience a wonderful world deepened by more than five hours of voiceovers and cut scenes.