Identity V is an asymetrical horror-themed action game for mobile devices which features heartpounding 4 vs 1 gameplay set in a terrifying and vast manor house. Players must choose whether to play the role of a Hunter or a Survivor, and it is a matter of life and death. The Hunter plays alone, but is extremely powerful, and is tasked with tracking down and killing the Survivors before they can escape the manor. The four Survivors play as a team, and they must strive to avoid the Hunter at all costs; they cannot hope to stand against the Hunter directly. Searching the manor for clues and solving its hidden mysteries is the only way the Survivors can hope to escape the manor alive.

Identity V Key Features

Hunter Or Survivor - Will you play as a Survivor and work with other players to escape the manor alive? Or will you choose the path of the sadistic Hunter and track down, torture, and kill the Survivors?

Choose A Distinct Survivor- Choose distinct characters such as the Gardener, the Mechanic, or even the Lucky Guy! Your choice of character will impact play, and you can customize your favorites with costume and cosmetic options!

Hunt Your Way - Each of the Hunters also comes with their own array of skills. Cocoon your enemies as Violetta, hide in the darkness as Jack, or just rend hapless Survivors to bits with Bane's vicious hooks.

Only One Way Out - To escape, the Survivors must locate puzzle pieces and solve riddles. However, they Hunter will hound you every step of the way. Can you all escape alive, or will the Hunter take you down one by one?

Clever Graphics - The characters are rendered in a cute, Burtonesque doll-like manner, with button eyes and yarn hair. The Hunters, however, are far from cute; the spider-like Violetta, the nightmarish Joker the Clown, and the gaunt skeletal Jack await you.