Ingress is a free to play location based strategy game for Android and iOS devices, in which players search for and attempt to capture energy portals hidden all over in the real world. This mysterious energy has accidentally been unleashed by a team of scientists in Europe, and to preserve the future of mankind, it is critical that this energy be captured and controlled. Players in Ingress move through the real world, exploring with the aid of the Ingress app, and when you locate energy portals, you may attempt to capture them! Join an alliance and fight for your side in this quest to harness the ultimate power in the known world; now, get out there and find those portals!

Ingress Key Features

Strategy - Track the progress of other players in your neighborhood and around the world and plan your attack, and capture their portals! The more portals your side controls, the stronger your side becomes!

Form Alliances - Whether you group up with your friends in your local neighborhood or join an alliance that spans nations, there is strength in numbers!

Get Out And Explore - Wherever you are, you can find portals to attack and strategies to plan. Learn where the portals in your local neighborhood are and keep them under control, and remember to explore a bit when you go on vacation, too! Portals are everywhere; go and find them!