Islandoom is a free to play browser-based strategy game set in a watery world of warring factions and isolated island nations. Choose the warlike Furium, the stalwart Armun, the economic Divitos or the moderate Medius, and start your trip to dominance. You must expand your island's sphere of influence and build a strong economic and military foundation. Trade with other players to earn allies and amass the resources you require. Build up your defenses and infrastructure with more than 20 different buildings and 50 different types of ships. Use your ships and resources to go to war and expand your territory, complete missions for in game rewards, form alliances with other players, and more.

Islandoom Key Features

Strategic Staples - Much like with any strategy game, the core of Islandoom revolves around amassing resources and using them to build structures and units. The faction you choose, the goals you have in mind, your position in the map will all impact your options.

Explore and level up - Your hero will journey across the deep sea and gain experience from battles. His abilities will grow and his ship will become a seaborne fortress. Send him to victory!

Build Your Nation - From collecting resources and establishing favorable trade agreements to amassing a powerful navy, your every decision should be made with one goal in mind: to capture the powerful and wealthy NPC held fortress at the center of the map!

Play Together - Form alliances with other players and work together toward a common goal. Make treaties and trade agreements with other players to strengthen your nation. You can even fight against other players in 1 vs 1 PvP duels.