Juggernaut is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, offering a unique game featuring amazing, spectacular, violent and ferocious battles! You may pummel enemies with powerful spells; attack them with devastating combo hits, use cunning tricks or magic potions. But the most menacing weapon of all will be your own intellect – choose the best tactics and defeat the deadliest adversaries! Elaborate character development lets you improve your character’s skills, obtain legendary gill, and even master the secrets of magic. Step into this breathtaking adventure, and save the world! What you do is up to you. Will you focus on protecting the populace from harm? Will you seek out forgotten treasures? Who will you be?

Juggernaut Key Features

Choose A Hero - You can choose one of five heroes for your triumphant journey across the lands of Haradan. Each hero not only has his own lore but also his own unique combat style!

Save The World - Saving the world seldom pays well. It’s the other way around when those you delivered from evil start paying for protection. Keep an eye on the enemy, don’t let him return to the cleansed areas – and collect tributes from your charges in exchange for their safety!

Intense Combat - One-of-a-kind fighting mechanics make all battles a deadly challenge. Choose the right direction of attack, collect mana, dodge your adversary’s combat spells. Be quick and keep your guard up!

Change Your Look - Your character’s looks depend entirely on the things he’s wearing. Helms, gauntlets, boots, gloves, greaves, cuirasses, pauldrons, belts and weapons – you can switch all of them for more suitable ones, not only thus improving your hero’s fighting skills but drastically changing the way he looks!

Seek Out Ancient Treasures - Prefer relying on your brain in addition to your muscles? You can do that! Feel yourself a real tomb raider – get lockpicks aplenty and use them on dozen chests. But keep in mind: the greater the loot the stronger the lock!