Knives Out is an insanely popular free to play Battle Royale shooter for mobile devices with 100 player free for all action. Optimized for mobile devices, Knives Out permits players to enjoy the familiar Battle Royale mechanics anytime and anywhere. You begin by parachuting into a huge open battlefield, 6.4 km x 6.4 km, and immediately set about the task at hand. Find weapons and equipment, secure a vehicle, and stay ahead of the encroaching death zone that constantly restricts the playing area as the clock runs down. At the end of the battle there can be only one winner; if you are skilled, smart, and just a bit lucky, that winner just might be you!

Knives Out Key Features

100 Enter. 1 Leaves - All 100 players are scattered across the map. You must quickly get your bearings, secure weapons and gear, and set about weeding out the opposition. There can be only one.

Wild Wide World - From snowcapped mountains to forested hills to train stations and towns, the world is vast and full of different landscapes and challenges. Use vehicles to get around quickly - or die.

Solo Or Team Play - Fight alongside your friends in Duo Mode, Squad Mode, or Fireteam Mode, and use strategy and communication to overwhelm your enemies.

Your Game, Your Tactics - Snipe from extreme ranges, play a waiting game, or just run forward, guns blazing. The only rule is there are no rules; do whatever you must to be the last one alive.