Lost Region is a third-person survival sandbox with combat, looting, crafting, building, leveling and diplomacy, set in a vast dynamic world spanning more than 64 square miles! Civilization has broken down, and now isolated survivors struggle to stay alive in the wilderness of the United States. Explore a vast world of forests and meadows, sprawling cities and vast underground complexes, populated by NPCs who will respond to your actions. Team up with other players and found a faction, and then build a base - or take one by force. Learn to fight to stay alive in this harsh world, where every step could be your last! If you're a fan of survival games and like decisions to have long term impacts, Lost Region might be right up your alley.

Lost Region Key Features

Huge Open World - Explore more than 64 square miles of wilderness, full of dangers, wonders, and discoveries. From rugged mountains to eerie deserted city streets, a range of locales await.

Build A Base - Build a fortress and use it to store your loot, rest in (relative) peace, and simply a place to call your own. Watch out; other survivors are eager to take what you have, so find some friends, quick.

Intense Combat - Sneak past your enemies, throw objects to distract them, or attack from behind. Combat is lethal, so minimizing the danger to yourself is paramount if you must fight.

A World That Responds - NPCs' attitudes toward you will reflect your history with them. If you attack them, they will remember it, just as they will remember previous acts of kindness.