Matchday11 is a free to play browser-based online multiplayer football manager game which lets you build a team and compete against other players. Building as strong a squad as possible is the primary focus of Matchday11, not setting the prices of items in the snack bar. There is minimal focus on non-football activities; instead, your primary goal is to build your squad through scouting, transfers, youth academies, and more. A realistic tournament structure, where you can advance from domestic leagues to continental and world league play delivers as authentic a football manager experience as you could ever hope for.

Matchday11 Key Features

Emphasis On Football - There is no stadium management, ticket price manipulation, or snack bar placement in Matchday11. Instead, you focus on your squad, their strengths, and their future. Build the strongest team possible, compete against other managers, and get the goals.

Worldwide Representation - Currently there are leagues in 35 countries, all competing in the same game world. All continents are represented. More countries will be added as the game progresses, widening the player base and the options.

Realistic Structure - Your squad begins by playing in domestic leagues and cups. If they do well in these competitions, you will qualify for continental cups that have a similar structure to the real life European cups (champions league and Europa league). There is even a Matchday11 Club world championship for all champions league winners!