Mu Origin 2 is a mobile spinoff of longstanding Webzen MMORPG, Mu Online and sequel to Mu Origin. It incorporates many Mu elements including its bodacious art style and dynamic gameplay into a mobile rendition of the hit fantasy MMORPG. It is a bigger and more ambitious version of its predecessor, though offers plenty for franchise fans to sink their teeth into.

While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, Mu Origin 2 offers up enough classic MMORPG elements to keep fans engaged, including questing, guilds, PvP, PvE and plenty of loot.

Mu Origin 2 Key Features

Three Distinct Classes - Choose between the Dark Wizard, Dark Knight or Elf. The Dark Wizard fills the role of spell-slinging mage, whilst the Dark Knight specialises in close-range combat and the Elf wields ranged weapons. But it’s not just a matter of playstyle, as player choice could also be swayed by the distinct visual style of each. Though they are perhaps equally as gaudy.

Real-Time Action Combat - An intuitive UI and control scheme allows MU Origin 2 to maintain a dynamic real-time combat system. A revolver dial allows for quick cycling through eight skills to unleash in the fray. Combat has been described as easy to learn but hard to master. Luckily, there’s an auto-play feature for those who prefer a ‘hands off’ approach.

PvE & PvP - Heavy elements of both PvE and PvP cater for both playstyles. Myriad dungeons and quests help with grinding and levelling, with story quests unlocking at certain levels. Meanwhile, plenty of PvP options in the form of solo and group battles allow players to reap more material rewards including unique currency.

Guardian Pets - Available at Level 411, Guardian Pets are awakened and deployed with unique Elemental properties to aid players. These convenient companions initially offer Elemental Attack & Defence buffs, but by levelling up Guardian Pets, their true potential can be unleashed via Pet Unlock Stones.