Ogre Island is 2D browser-based isometric Fantasy MMORPG which works based on sprites. The game is one of the oldest MMO games, as it was published in 1999 and is still running today. It offers the usual RPG features, with leveling and quests at the forefront. It is a game anyone can play anywhere. Ogre Island heavily promotes social interaction, is free-to-play and has a membership option available for additional options. Taking grizzly old adventures all the way back to MUDs, pulling new players into a world of fantasy and glory.

Ogre Island Key Features

For Serious Gamers - Ogre Island is not for the casual players among us, but requires some time investment as it takes quite some time to level up.

Great Community - This game promotes itself as more than just a game, but also an online community. Many players get addicted easily and discover that there are many other players in the game eager to help you along!

Gameplay Not Graphics - The graphics are decent, animations are very basic, but it's not really the quality of the graphics but that of the game and the players. The trade skills are varied and the island is HUGE, growing all the time.

Climb To The Top - There are leaderboards to aim for the highest position, but be prepared to put a lot of investment into this game.