Prodigy is a turn-based tactical RPG by Hanakai Studio. The game combines tactical gaming with the glory of tabletop games as it features high quality figurines that are used to issue commands to your virtual units. The player manipulates magical objects to fight epic multiplayer battles and follow a heroic solo campaign. Prodigy's gameplay focuses on squad-based combat on a physical board for deep-thinking and fast paced 1v1 fights. Prodigy is a new way to play without any keyboard, mouse or joypad.

You will play with a Company, a group of adventurers devoted to one of the Factions of the world, Thasys. Each character is represented by a figurine of exceptional quality that carries its own characteristics and story, and is dedicated to one Company. Your choices, the characters of your Company, their evolution and your tactical thinking will win numerous battles, making you one of the heroes of your Faction. Prodigy is currently being developed for PC (Windows) with the Unreal 4 engine.

Prodigy Key Features

Symbol Of Power - Use your Symbol of Power to access your unique story and player profile.

Make Your Move - Move your figurine across the board and your character will be identified immediately!

Card Based - Use your Arcana Cards to give orders. Timing is everything!

Immersive Storyline - Explore a fantastic storyline and experience the saga.

Take The Challenge - Intense PvP battles with a tabletop twist!

Identify Yourself - Detailed figures for each character help you stand out.