Reign of Guilds is a hardcore, old-school sandbox MMORPG with a focus on guild warfare, and featuring unattached loot, open world PvP and PvE, and even experience and item loss upon death. Cooperate and coordinate with other players to form a guild, build a castle, and wage war upon your enemies. You can obtain titles and then rule over your lands, managing the economy, the population, and much more; of course, you must earn those titles, or take them by force! In Reign of Guilds, you can grow from a warrior to a leader, from a leader to a Count, from a Count to the King, and from the King to a legend..or a tyrant. What path will you choose to take?

Reign Of Guilds Key Features

First Person Non-Target Combat - You must be prepared to work to overcome your enemies. Friendly fire, non-target combat demands the best from would-be warriors; no spamming specials and tabbing to swap targets here.

Unique Character System - A flexible system of buffs allows players to choose between mobility, vitality, and damage, adapting their character to the situation at hand. Be ready for anything.

Player Driven Economy - From non bound items that can freely be sold and traded to markets and economics, the economy is completely player controlled. Get the best price for your hard-won (or ill-gotten) gains!

Hardcore Old-School Gameplay - From open world PvP, to item loss on death, to the sting of actual experience loss, Reign of Guilds offers an old-school, hardcore MMO experience. The path ahead of you is not for the weak.

Together For Greatness - Team up with other players and build something great. From the smallest keeps to the greatest empires, from battlefields to throne rooms, the core of the game is social in every way.