Royal Quest is an MMORPG developed by Katauri Interactive and published by 1C Online Games Ltd. The game is set in a fantasy world named Aura, full of magic, technology and alchemy. Royal Quest offers a fresh MMO experience from the creators of Space Rangers and King's Bounty series. Join Guild Wars, conquer Castles, and battle other players in unique PvPvE locations, or explore the vast world of Aura and enjoy the story on your own.

Aura is under imminent danger as Black Alchemists scoured the land in search of Elenium, a highly rare and precious mineral. In an attempt to cease enemy activity, the King searched hard for courageous heroes capable of banishing the invaders once and forever. As a reward he promises titles, castles and riches! Immerse yourself deeper into the game's lore as you overcome the inhabitants of dark forests and endless deserts, underground dwellers and sea monsters, geometers, orcs, demons and legions of the undead. The path to becoming a lord entails various challenges you must overcome.

Royal Quest Key Features

Royal World - The immense world of Aura comprises more than 100 locations to explore.

Plan Your Attacks - Elemental battle system allows players to exploit enemy weaknesses by properly choosing what weapon and skill to use against the target.

Rare Creatures - Extraordinary monsters, each with its own rare card with special attributes.

Never Travel Alone - Royal Quest features pets that follow their master everywhere and collect loot.

Lots Of PvP - PvP Arenas, Battlegrounds and Castle Sieges, winners of Sieges control castles and their surrounding areas.

Special PvPvE Zones - Players can battle against each other and monsters while trying to complete quest objectives and gather powerful Shadow gear.

Easy To Learn, Hard To Master - Game mechanics that are easy to learn for beginners (including an automatic character upgrade system), with deep and challenging gameplay available later in the game for experienced players.

Alone Or As A Team - Play however you like; Royal Quest includes quests and content designed for both group and single players.