Runes of Magic redefines what players can expect from a free to play MMORPG. With an in-depth class system, a huge amount of open and instanced dungeons and many more features to boot, you'll never struggle to find something occupy your time in Runes of Magic. With over 5 million registered players, Runes of Magic sees players entering the mythical land of Taborea; home to all manner of creatures and ancient secrets waiting to be discovered around every turn. Runes of Magic offers a vast array of new content for players new and old to become immersed in. Where will you go, and who will you be?

Runes Of Magic Key Features

Choose Your Path - Select from Human, Elf, or Dwarf, and then pick from one of ten iconic fantasy classes! Will you be a Rogue, a Scout, a Mage? Every class offers unique strengths and skills, and unique tools to overcome the challenges you will face.

Customize Your Character - Take advantage of the multiple class system and get more versatility from your character. Further define your character with customisable class skills, as well as elite and set skills!

Crafting - Are you looking for a break from the demands of heroism? All you have to do is collect resources and use them in your work to create unique items to help you on your adventures. The more you practice crafting, the more powerful and better the fruits of your labour shall be!

PvP Play - Engage in thrilling combat against your fellow players (PvP) to earn Honor Points. These can get you on the PvP ranking list and can be traded in for equipment or other items. Charge into 1v1, team vs team, or guild vs guild battles.