The Secret World is a dark fantasy and horror MMORPG which lets players step into a war between secret societies and supernatural forces. Travel around the world to investigate the unknown and fight the unnatural. Customize your character's skills, weapons, and more, and step into this shadowy world. You are free to explore the darkness by yourself, but remember; there is strength to be found in numbers. Team up with other players and face the challenges, or go through the immersive story mode alone. One thing is certain; the Secret World is like no world you've ever imagined before.

The Secret World Key Features

Explore The Darkness - Supernatural forces, strange powers, and unexplained phenomenon exist, and they threaten the real world. It falls to you to investigate these phenomena and, where necessary, fight against them. Take on loads of quests and learn the story of the Secret World.

Dark And Immersive - Step into a world of darkness and emotion, of mature themes for mature audiences. Experience emotion-filled stories and narratives brought to life with high-quality voice acting.

Explore The Secret World - Travel from the dark forests of Transylvania to the scorched deserts of Egypt to a small coastal town in New England filled with eldritch horrors and mysteries. Visit locations inspired by the real world now invaded by creatures of myth and legend.