Sniper Fury is a sniper simulation shooter that places you in the role of a sniper, and the fate of the world depends on you! The time for diplomacy is over; only quick, decisive, and lethal action will do. As the best sniper in the world, you are tasked with taking aim at evil, no matter where it may be found, and destroying it one well-placed round at a time. Shoot your way through an extensive single player campaign. Join a clan and work together with fellow snipers to make the world a safer, less scum-ridden place. Fight it out against other snipers in PvP matches, and let the rankings show who is the best of the best!

Sniper Fury Key Features

Epic Missions - More than 130 different missions await you. In each one, you must use tactics, stealth, and superior accuracy to complete your objectives and make the world a safer place. Remember; squeeze, don't pull.

Loads Of Firepower - Get behind the stock of the most lethal sniper rifles, assault rifles, railguns and top-secret weapons imaginable. Every job has a proper tool, and you've got a full toolbox at your disposal.

Join A Clan - Join a player clan and share resources with your fellow snipers, talk tactics, or just hang out and chat. After all, a multiplayer game is better with friends.

Climb Through The Ranks - You can engage in PvP matches with other snipers which can earn you resources. Do well enough, and you can climb through the rankings to the top of the boards!