SOS is a social survival sandbox game based around a game show called SOS, where you and 15 other contestants are dropped onto La Cuna Island, and to win, you must get off of the island! To get off of the island, you must locate a relic and then signal a helicopter for extraction. However, along the way, you'll need to out-think your opponents, avoid hordes of monsters, and stay alive. At the end, when the helicopter arrives, there are only so many seats available, and you might have to fight for one! You must be prepared to use skills, diplomacy, and even a bit of luck to survive.

SOS Key Features

Ultimate Game Show - Securing a seat on that helicopter won't be easy. You'll have to build alliances, out-scheme opponents, and entertain the audience. There are also the bloodthirsty monsters living on the island to contend with!

Form Alliances - Winning isn't as simple as killing everyone else in the competition. Forming alliances, even if they're only temporary, can turn the odds in your favor. You can, after all, always betray your new friends later...

Gear Up - Locate containers full of helpful weapons and gear, as well as antidotes to save you should you be infected by a monster. If they find them first, you can always try to convince them to part with the items...

Get Ready To Fight - Sooner or later, you're gonna have to fight. Learn to use an array of guns, melee weapons, and thrown items. You can throw pretty much anything at your enemy; skulls and papayas included!

The Audience Matters - SOS features a real live audience that can affect gameplay. The player who keeps the crowd on their side has a distinct advantage; they just might send you some gear when you really need it!

Play With Friends - Nothing is more powerful than relying on someone you really trust. Hop into the duo matches to spawn with your friend, and take down the competition.