Switchblade is the world's first MOBA inspired teamwork action game, where players fight battles, grab loot, and create their own online superstar in a spectacular future automotive sport. Enter frantic 5 vs 5 arena battles where you fight against an enemy team to escort bomb-carrying mobs to destroy shields protecting your opponent's towers. Once the shields are down, destroy the exposed core. If you destroy enough towers, your team wins the game! While fighting, broadcast to a worldwide audience in an interactive spectator mode that constantly influences in-game action. Take part in the most intense motorized spectator sport of all time and win it all!

Switchblade Key Features

Tactical Driving - Use teamwork, positioning, and communication to drive your bombs downfield and to stop your enemies. Seamlessly switch between heavily armed sci-fi vehicles at any time to create endless tactical choices!

Spectator Sport - Drive and fight for the enjoyment of yourself, your team, and the spectators watching the match. The audience itself can dramatically influence the flow of a match, so make sure to keep them on your side.

Insane Fun - Strap in and hang on; this is going to be a wild ride. Fight against the enemy team and ruin their plans while advancing your own. Remember, you must stop their bombs and advance yours; teamwork is key!