Lead a team of brave heroes in the anime game Sword Masters!

Meanwhile, there are several free games licensed from an anime in the world of browser games. Sword Masters is a newcomer to this group and comes with numerous established features. You'll assemble a team of powerful heroes, level up your squad in various ways, and explore a city full of NPCs and other players. In sometimes crunchy battles, it's not only a good team composition and improved warriors with different skills that matter, but also how you use the options you're given and that you know how to use them tactically. Resource management and decisions about what mission it should be next are also part of Sword Masters.

Trapped in the virtual world

But what is it all about? As a player, you dive into a virtual world in Sword Masters, a game within the game, so to speak. With your self-created character from the construction kit, you fight your first battles against wolves and other fantasy creatures to get to know this world called "Sword Art Online" (SAO). Teachers such as the youngster Kirito will familiarize you with basic game mechanics on your first steps, before a mysterious person in a cape reveals to you that you are trapped in virtual reality and that any escape is hopeless. You would die trying to escape even in your real world. Only victory in 100 increasingly difficult challenges will get you to your desired destination. Of course, you'll have to get much stronger.

You can recruit new team members via a separate window in the game, provided you have the appropriate resources. For this you get coupons and diamonds in the game. Periodically, you can also simply "call up" a new hero, as it is called in Sword Masters.

With a little luck, you'll soon be joined by a very rare character, such as Asuna, Knight of Blood, or the powerful PoH.