Swordsman Online is a free to play 3D martial arts MMORPG adapted from Louis Cha's acclaimed classic martial arts novel of the same Chinese name. Running on Perfect World's "Angelica III" game engine, the game presents exquisite visual effects and recreates the grand and free martial arts world depicted in the original novel. The game also features a refreshing design of martial arts actions and combat, dazzling character skills, and various interesting instances full of fun and challenges. Additionally, the game involves gamers in active interaction with others and embeds captivating story plots.

Ancient China is experiencing a blood-soaked decade. Ten forces have been at war with each other in a bloody attempt to become the most powerful martial arts clan. The hunt is on for an ancient scripture containing Kung Fu secrets that can bring immense power to the clan who possesses it. As a survivor of a tiny village torn apart by war, you must avenge your people while discovering the mysterious connection between you and the entire martial arts world!

Swordsman Online Key Features

Classes - Choose from 10 differetn martial arts schools to define your warrior. Each school employs a variety of different skills and strategies to take down your opponent.

Skills - Defeat your enemies with impressive and visceral martial arts combat! Engage with enemies using 3 sets of styles, with more than 6 skills in every style.

Story - Envelop yourself in the Swordsman's rich story, based on the popular chinese martial arts noval by Author Louis Cha, also known as Jin Yong.

Guilds - Create or join a guild to participate in exclusive events, establish a base that provides guild bonuses and fight for dominance over a territory!