The Walking Dead is an episodic action-adventure horror game set in the same universe as the comic, and with the same challenge - surviving a zombie apocalypse. In the wilds of Georgia, former professor and convicted murderer Lee Everett must both survive the horrors and dangers around him, but also care for and protect a young girl named Clementine. The story unfolds based on character interactions, decisions, and events.

Be warned - it is one of the hardest-hitting games of all time. The New York Times stated that "...moments have more sadness and subtlety in them than other games muster in 40 hours." Can you help Lee survive, and through caring for the young girl who is now absolutely dependent on him, reclaim some of his humanity, amidst a world completely devoid of it?

The Walking Dead Key Features

Five Episodes - Play through five classic episodes, self contained but connected stories, from season one to season five, and experience the horror, suspense, and surprises again and again.

Choices, Choices - Every decision you make matters, and the repercussions of your decisions carry over from episode to episode. What you do impacts how your story progresses, who lives, who dies, who likes you, and who hates you, and more.

Unparalleled Emotional Impact - The game will raise you up and throw you down, again and again. Through the lens of action survival horror, you will experience elation and sadness the likes of which have never been attributed to a video game before.

Kill Zombies - Lastly, who plain and simple doesn't like to splatter some nasty zombies? They're already dead... when you kill a zombie, do you re-kill it? Hmm, what is the correct term...