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Triad Wars Triad Wars Triad Wars Triad Wars Triad Wars Triad Wars Triad Wars Triad Wars

Triad Wars

Triad Wars is a free-to-play, open-world, online PC action-adventure game where you create your own enforcer, establish your turf, recruit a gang, and join a triad, then fight your way through the ranks on a quest for money, power, and fame. A gang war blazes across Hong Kong. Own the streets before they own you.

Set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong & Sleeping Dogs universe, Triad Wars is an online open-world action adventure PC game where you rise to power as a criminal kingpin of the Triad underworld. Experience the unrivaled combination of fighting, shooting & driving or succeed through strategy via extortion, hacking & money laundering – It’s your city to claim & how you do it is entirely up to you.More intense than ever before, TRIAD WARS™ takes the action and excitement of SLEEPING DOGS and introduces a whole new dimension of recruiting, managing, and expanding your gang in the midst of a lethal Triad War that is raging on the streets of Hong Kong.

Triad Wars Key Features

Sleeping Dogs Online – The sleeping Dog universe goes online in this stand alone multiplayer game.

Open World – Rule all the districts in this open world. Team-up  and get new turf! Become the Kingping

Action RPG MMO – Triad Wars is an action RPG with MMO elements. The action as good as you aspect from an action game and the RPG system is in depth.

Beautiful World – Triple A animations, textures and action! Be a gangster claim the beautiful and lively city!

Triad Wars

Triad Wars

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