Unison League is a free to play, real-time RPG for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices that features cool anime-style characters in an elaborate fantasy world. Team up with other players to unleash over-the-top special attacks to crush foe from all around the globe. In the game, players cooperate with their friends to unleash powerful special attacks and take part in heated real-time battles to earn new weapons and equipment to gear up their characters. The cool, stylish characters and world setting add depth and flair to the title. Come experience the world of Unison League for yourself, and work alongside others to accomplish amazing things!

Unison League Key Features

Create A Character - Create and customize your character, then set off for adventure! Equipment and gear can be found by defeating monsters, giving you an edge.

Intense Guild Battles - Epic guild battles that allow for two teams of up to 10 players each to duke it out in real time! Work together and form the strongest tactics to destroy your enemies' Crystal and reign victorious!

Unison Attacks - Fuse Unison Summons with your guildies to unleash Unison Attacks that can call forth powerful entities to eliminate enemies! Mesmerizing attack scenes that will take your breath away!

Quest And Explore With Friends - Brave the various terrains of Granvia with up to 5 friends at a time! Collaborate tactically or just opt for all-out brute force to take down the monsters you encounter along the way!

Chat And Connect - Easy-to-use mid-battle chat for timely commands and adorable character animations for comical in-game lobby conversations!