Wauies is a free to play browser-based pet shop simulation game which gives you the opportunity to open your pet shop, full of fluffy kittens and playful puppies. If you like dog games and cat games, you will love Wauies. Take your first step in the business world as the new owner of a modest pet shop. Your goals are ambitious: You want to turn the small shop into a flourishing superstore with anything and everything a pet owner could want. Discover Wauies’ impressive blend of dog game features and cat game elements in this through and through delightful browser game!

Wauies Key Features

Build A Pet Shop Empire - Grow your business from a small shop with a few pets and supplies into a thriving megastore. Stock all manner of cuddly pets and helpful items for pet owners anywhere!

So Much To Do - From decorating the interior of your shop to grooming your pets, there is lots to be done. You can even work with your personal pets, training them and teaching them all sorts of tricks!

Keep Your Animals Happy - Happy pets are more playful and energetic, and thus, more attractive to good customers. Keeping your furry friends well fed, healthy, and happy will help you grow your business.

Furry Friends Abound - You can raise all sorts of pets and help them find good homes! Loads of dog and cat breeds are here, from Yorkies to Labrador Retrievers, from Ragdolls to Persian cats, and many more!