The history of Westward Journey Online 2 (Westward Journey 2 / 大话西游) is a long one and a confusing one. Released in the early 2000's, Westward Journey Online 2 rose to popularity and quickly become one of the top three most played MMORPGs in China. Though in getting there it was not without controversy. It not only closed shortly after release while they fixed technical problems (re-emerging months later with the new title "Westward Journey 2"). It was then temporarily closed once more following a ruling by the Chinese State party.

To further add to the complication, Westward Journey Online 2 should not be confused with Fantasy Westward Journey - another NetEase game inspired by the same literary source that uses the same game engine albeit with a completely different graphical style.

It is a classic East-Asian MMORPG complete with exaggerated weaponry and over-the-top battle scenes. It does however have a few elements that distinguish it from similar games. Firstly, Westward Journey 2 is not afraid of adult themes. The game contains nudity and anti-religious themes that made it a source of controversy.

Westward Journey Online 2 Key Features

Classic MMORPG - With a near 20-year history behind it, Westward Journey Online 2 has cemented its place as an iconic Chinese MMORPG.

Inspired Story - Westward Journey Online 2, like Fantasy Westward Journey, is based on a 16th century Chinese novel named Journey to the West. This rich backdrop gives substance to the story in a genre where narrative often takes second place.

Colourful Combat - Like many Asian RPGs, Westward Journey Online 2 is full of colourful settings, eccentric characters, and exaggerated weaponry. All these factors combine to create an awesome cinematic experience in a friendly anime style.