2021 has been…a year. But to its credit, it has been a wild ride for video games. Even one that has been (mostly) enjoyable. So in the spirit of reflection, we can thank Steam for providing a retrospective look at the biggest video games of 2021.

In its ‘Best of 2021’ list, Steam has compiled the biggest video games of 2021 by gross revenue (including in-game purchases) and highest concurrent players (up to ‘over 200,000 concurrent players’). And you can find our favourite multiplayer titans topping most of the categories.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most prolific show-stealers was Amazon Games’ MMORPG debut, New World. As the winner of our own ‘Best New MMORPG’ award, it doesn’t surprise us that New World scores a chart-topping hatrick in the ‘Top Sellers’, ‘New Releases’ and ‘Most Played’ lists. Just as it doesn’t surprise us that the amazing Viking survival title Valheim also achieves that accolade.

Meanwhile, despite only being less than two months old, Halo Infinite’s smashing first month has seen it top the ‘Most Played’ and ‘New Releases’ lists. Though it has seemingly not had enough of a run-up to clinch the top spot in ‘Best Sellers’. The controversial Battlefield 2042, however, did - though it’s pretty telling that it couldn’t break the 200,000 concurrent player mark like its spartan-rife counterpart.

Steam began publishing this list six years ago, and in each of those years CS:GO, GTA V and Dota 2 have sat at the top of the ‘Top Sellers’ list. Whilst PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny 2 have all enjoyed a perfect run since their respective releases.

For a full run-down of the biggest video games of 2021, be sure to head over to Steam where you can also check out the best of ‘Early Access Grads’, ‘Best of VR’ and ‘Controller Friendly’ categories.

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