The latest season for Bless Unleashed’s Bless Pass has landed, bringing new weekly missions and rewards for the console version of Bless, the stunning MMORPG from Neowiz Games. This marks a double-whammy week for players of the game as the new season arrives hot on the heels of a content update, entitled ‘Spear of Salvation’ - so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

Spear of Salvation brings an all-new dungeon, lair and arena challenge. The new Nightspire dungeon, Entropic Descent, pits players against the demons who have rudely decided to take up residence, while the Forgotten Sewers lair harbours the giant Plague Demon, and the Dune Tyrant awaits contenders in the new arena challenge.

Players can now buff up through new Elemental Weapons, which come with increased damage, and an increased class level cap of 25. But neither is as exciting as the addition of a brand new fishing mechanic, which has us wondering, is there anything else Bless Unleashed could unleash this week to make this update any greater?


Enter this week’s Bless Pass, released yesterday, which has brought us the Shabiki War Duck - that’s right, a fearsome duck mount to tear across the game’s beautifully-rendered landscape. While the War Duck can only be obtained through the enhanced Bless Pass, if there was ever a time when spending out on a game was worth it, this is it.

In more exciting news, we'll soon be publishing our review of Bless Unleashed so make sure you keep an eye on our reviews page. Both the update and new season are available now, so swing by the official website for all the info on the Spear of Salvation and please send pictures of your Shabiki War Ducks to all our social media channels. Please. is committed to bringing you all the freshest, funniest, and most insightful MMO news. If you enjoyed this content, why not share it with your community? And make sure that you never miss our updates and exclusive giveaways by following and favouriting us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.