In a world where everything is made of cardboard and things can be made on the fly, the possibilities already seem pretty endless. The next CardLife update, however, is planning to provide adjustments that it says will take things "to the next level" with changes to the survival sandbox's main features.

cardlife update

The next update to CardLife will introduce new enemies patrolling the game's world and an expansion to the game's current crafting system, which currently uses what it describes as a connect-the-dots system that lets players link slotted pieces of cardboard together to customize the overall shape of weapons, vehicles or creatures. In addition, CardLife will also be getting a shared building feature that will let players grant others permission to contribute to their own building construction projects.

According to co-game director Rich Tyrer, players are what steers the development of CardLife. "What started out as a small experiment seeing players tinker with some simple cardboard creation tools is now growing into a fully fledged survival game built on customization and a unique science fantasy setting," said Tyrer. "We want CardLife to be a platform for creatively-minded people to share their cardboard creations from simple mods to whole new worlds and games. Like a child playing with a cardboard box, their imagination is the only limit."

Specific listed features for the next update to CardLife were not provided in the press release we received, but the most recent dev blog does state that this update is due soon and that the game's servers will need to be reset as a result of the adjustments.

Our Thoughts

Admittedly, CardLife had flown a bit under our radar initially, but after having taken a closer look we're certainly keeping our eyes and ears perked in the direction of this one. We're curious to learn what this "next level" update is going to bring to this whimsical-looking survival sandbox.

Source: press release

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