Conan Exiles Looks at Features Arriving at Launch

May 8th seems like it’s a fair length of time away, but before you know it, it’s gonna be May. With that in mind, a Conan Exiles dev blog has outlined what the team is working on for the survival sandbox’s launch and onward.

conan exiles dev blog

As far as features heading to the game for launch, players can look forward to a couple of cozy new biomes in the form of a swamp near the southern desert and a volcanic area towards the Frozen North. The new biomes will double the size of the game’s map, and will naturally introduce new monsters, crafting materials, weapons, armor and more.

The devs also are working on what is promised to be a complete overhaul of combat – a feature that was stated to be the single most important focus according to community survey results. A livestream from earlier in the month offered a deeper look at what’s different, but Combat 2.0 is said to be more visceral, more tactical, and more fun.

Launch will also see the addition of farming; a new religion; a fast travel system; a Perk system to let you adjust your character to your playstyle; and the addition of a purge mechanic which will send NPCs or creatures to attack player bases in either PvE or PvP servers, though private server admins can choose to have this mechanic disengaged.

The blog also made a point to bring up things that will not be making it to launch such as mounts and pets or sorcery, as well as a promise to never lock features intended for early access release behind paywalls.

Our Thoughts

There’s most definitely still plenty to be done between now and launch, but it appears that the team behind Conan Exiles have a roadmap lined up and are doing a good job of prioritizing tasks. Here’s hoping that everything they work on sits well with players and Conan Exiles has a great launch.

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