Back in October of 2016, the City of Titans character builder was a pretty robust prototype, but needed some rough edges smoothed out. With the latest demonstration from Missing Worlds Media, one can consider said edges very, very smooth.

city of titans character builder

The video demonstration offers a look at the huge variety of customization options available, with a number of preset body types and sliders for pretty much every conceivable part of your avatar's anatomy, granting players the freedom to make things from chiseled superheroes to a monstrosity with crazy-long arms and enormous hands.

According to the new post revealing the character creator, the majority of the backend that handles costume and body shape features is stable. That said, the recent live demo that the team had this past Wednesday didn't quite go as planned. A third-party connection to a server caused the character builder to not display any actual character on-screen.

According to an announcement late that day, the team hopes that the server update in question will allow them to try another live demonstration sometime this Thursday or Friday on their Twitch channel. That said, you can still get a closer look at what the new character creator is capable of when servers aren't being updated in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Yep, this is certainly a work-in-progress MMO! We hope the Missing Worlds Media folks are not too frustrated with their attempted demonstration earlier this week. We'll focus on the good stuff instead and say that the new version of the game's character builder looks absolutely amazing. We can't wait to sink hours into making the perfect avatar of superheroic justice!

Sources: official site, Twitch

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