We figured it’s high time for another Crafty Creation from Valheim. Because really, what other game could it be? And as the Tokyo Summer Olympics finally get underway, we think this latest masterpiece is particularly pertinent and deserving of our spotlight of appreciation.

With its stunning animation and inspiring premises, you’d be hard pushed to find somebody that doesn’t love Japanese animation film studio, Studio Ghibli. Which is probably why this homage to the beloved Spirited Away got so much positive attention.

Ghibli inspired Valheim Image: caeus_plays (Reddit)

Spirited Away fans will instantly recognise Yubaba’s Bathhouse, which sits at the centre of the magical animation’s plot. This enviable creation was achieved by user u/caeus_plays. And better yet, the spectacle was rendered without a mod in sight.

As caeus_plays explains, achieving an accurate depiction of the bathhouse was simplified by the presence of real-world models that could be used for reference. Plus, with it being such a popular film, there were also plenty of other video game renditions of the bathhouse, including in the Sims and Minecraft from equally creative people. These helped in particular with the structure’s interior.

[caption id="attachment_392497" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Image: caeus_plays (Reddit)[/caption]

As for how the structure could stand given the occasionally frustrating building mechanics in Valheim, the answer is, as ever, hard work and patience. Well, that and ‘about 14 wood iron beams’ which were obscured by thicker wood. Caeus_plays did admit, however, that at least the top of the building is in the red.

The best part is that the estimable creator has made this structure available for anybody to download and play with themselves. All simplified by its distinct independence from any mods.

So if you fancy incorporating some Studio Ghibli inspired Valheim architecture into your own game - and maybe, as some users suggested, replace the Stink Spirit with Bonemass - be sure to download it for yourself. And, of course, show some love to the creator!

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