If you're not partaking in some manner of grand keep raid or extensive crafting project, what point is there to logging in? That moment-to-moment gameplay experience is the focus of a new Crowfall Sacrifice system that's meant to provide players a short-term advancement goal when bigger things aren't going on.

crowfall sacrifice system

In so many words, Sacrifice will let players drop unwanted items of any sort into a brazier to earn favor with the gods. Doing so will reward the player with attribute points that are gained with each level. These points can then be spent to increase stats like strength and dexterity.

In addition, specific items intended for sacrifice purposes will also be dropped into adventuring zones in the hopes of spurring conflict and skinnable loot tables will also have sacrifice items added.

According to the post, this system is intended to be quick - an achievement that can be made by a skilled player over the course of a weekend - but also involved enough to keep players online and enjoying the game even if there are no grand events at hand. The system will also have some diminishing returns in place, such as lessened favor earnings if you keep feeding trash items to a brazier and lessened impact to boosting one single stat.

As the Sacrifice system itself apparently didn't take long to iterate on, the first pass of this new advancement will arrive to the game's Test server soon. You can read up on the full breakdown on the website.

Our Thoughts

Having something to pad the time between lengthy PvP or crafting events makes sense, but if players just don't feel the time spent is worth it, they won't care. Especially if the meta states that earning favor is a waste and players actually lock folks out for using the system. Or, conversely, players are locked out for not using the system. Basically what we're saying is that MMO players are a really fickle lot.

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