Crowfall Outlines its ‘Action Harvesting’ Model

Chipping away at rock for ore or hacking away at trees for lumber are not activities one generally equates with “action”. Regardless, Crowfall’s “Action Harvesting” updates to resource gathering is hoping to inject a little bit more oomph in the collection of raw materials.

action harvesting

While hitting the F key to auto-harvest materias was perfectly serviceable, the devs found that doing so felt out of sync with the game’s more active combat model. To that point, players now have to left-click or hold the LMB in order to harvest. Damage numbers to the target inanimate object will also display and new animations are being introduced as well. “While this may not read as being that different, it is much more responsive and interactive in terms of the way it feels,” explains the post.

Updates to Crowfall’s Power Tray system have also been instrumental in the way harvesting works. Since harvesting tools act similarly to Consumables, players now have a Survival Tray where they can drop in their harvesting tools of choice. Gatherers will now also be able to keep their chosen harvesting implement in their hands the entire time as well as load up multiple tools in the Survival Tray.

Ultimately, the idea is to make harvesting in the game more convenient and more visually engaging. The devs are working on additional tweaks, though specifics on just what those are were not outright detailed. You can read up the complete write-up here.

Our Thoughts

We’re looking forward to seeing how this new harvesting system plays out! While these aren’t precisely incredible changes overall, sometimes changes in perception or how an activity feels can be just as impactful as a major system rework.

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