Just a couple of months after the last major patch, Norse mythology-inspired MMO Eternal Fury is back with some tantalising new content and a handy gift code to sweeten the deal. Far from being just a set of quality of life changes, there are some significant gameplay overhauls worthy of celebration. And unsurprisingly, rewards aplenty await as part of those celebrations. So keep reading to get your gauntlets on some invaluable Soul Contracts.

Eternal Fury is a colourful and dynamic RPG for mythology fans, combining turn-based RPG combat with simulated-life game elements (because even the divine need to eat their dinner). Exploration, tactical combat, loot and levelling are all par for the course in this fantasy MMO rendered in an attractive 3D anime artstyle that should tickle the fancy of mythology fans.

Plus, as we’ve seen over the last few months, Eternal Fury is no stranger to regular updates. And R2Games has even teased an especially big event coming up in August. Meaning that perhaps the best is yet to come.

As for the most recent patch, however, version 3.2.2 has raised the bar with a new hero transfer and equipment system as well as a welcome world EXP bonus. Here’s what players can expect:

Hero Inheritance

The brand new Hero Inheritance system is a boon for the indecisive. Despite the time and effort that has gone into creating their main characters, there are many players who wish to try out new playstyles. And with this update, those prayers have been answered.

The new feature works as a shortcut to greatness (something that sadly only games can provide) allowing for the skills and powers of one hero to be siphoned directly into another. Though with the Hero Inheritance system, for one to succeed, the other must sacrifice.

In this system of exchange, Character, Enhancement, Warsoul and Talisman Levels will be taken from one hero and given to the other. Meaning that players must be ready to commit their old hero to the depths of square-one for their shiny new hero to enjoy their power. While it is possible to transfer that power back again, be aware that a small in-game fee will apply.

Plus, not all heroes are created equal; players must be aware that if the level-limit of the benefactor exceeds that of the recipient, then all EXP and Enhancement Levels that exceed that limit will disappear. So bestow wisely.

Hero Equipment System

Perhaps the real centrepiece of Patch 3.2.2 is the new Equipment System. As you would expect, this implements the loadout customisation options that so many RPG fans adore. Now heroes can adorn a wide array of gear to suit their needs, whether it be for style or substance.

This update is particularly well-timed to suit the new Inheritance system now that a whole world of possibilities has opened up. Players may find that another hero just fits a suit of armour far better than their own. In which case, just transfer everything over to them. Not that looking good is necessary to defeat the forces of Hel, but the morale-boost probably helps!

EXP Bonus & Eternal Fury Gift Code

To celebrate Patch 3.2.2, R2Games are offering heroes a welcome World EXP Bonus. Players can reap some serious rewards by using this time to grind, earning more bang for their buck than ever before.

But that’s not all the celebrations entail. As part of the update, we’ve been given an Eternal Fury gift code that will bestow a helpful selection of gifts, including valuable Soul Contracts.

To redeem, simply enter the code CS3GZP.

With these system upgrades (and even more on the horizon), now’s a good chance to give the F2P RPG a spin if you’re not already embroiled. Keep an eye out as we learn more about the August celebrations, and be sure to keep on top of the news via Eternal Fury’s official website.

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