The final Mortal Online 2 stress test is underway. The aptly-named event is designed to test the game’s systems ahead of its final release this October. Hence why the invite extends to everybody free of charge. Although, as an MMORPG that pulls no punches, the ‘stress test’ applies just as much to its players as it does the game itself. So be ready for a challenge.

The Mortal Online 2 stress test officially took off yesterday, and will run until 12th September. And developer Star Vault is inviting prospective players to flock to its servers in an effort to push the system to its absolute limits. If you needed any more convincing, there’s plenty of additional reasons to jump in. The devs have squashed bugs, added polish and introduced a ton of new features and content. New dungeons, creatures, resources, skills and a new magic skill to master await.

Plus, the devs have decided to give a little more leeway to brand new players. In fact, Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom delved deeper into how **MO2** differs from the hardcore nature of its predecessor in our recent [interview]( Although that by no means means that players are in for an easy ride.

The combat systems have also undergone an overhaul, and the first of many Tier 2 AI encounters have been introduced. For example, players can now enjoy the experience of trolls exhibiting brand new behaviours like picking up players and smashing them into the ground. That’ll get rid of the cobwebs.

How to Join the Mortal Online 2 Stress Test

  1. Head to the website and click ‘Join Now’ - or search for Mortal Online 2 on Steam

  2. Scroll down and click ‘Request Access’

  3. Check your email from Steam confirming your successful registration

There will also be a screenshot contest running throughout the week. Capture a screenshot of anything that gets the blood pumping (maybe a shot of being smashed into the ground by a troll ought to do it) and you could win yourself a free copy of MO2.

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