During the Warframe developer panel at PAX East 2016, the Digital Extremes team revealed the next two frames that will be introduced into the game.


The first frame is still in concept mode, and is currently unnamed, but it will be a fairy-based Warframe. Its skills will revolve around using fairy dust and razor butterflies, and it will have a passive ability that creates gravity wells after double jumping. The second new Warframe will be the highly-anticipated Vauban Prime, which is scheduled to become available in late spring 2016.

In addition to the new frames, a new type of weapon is in the works. As a reward for defeating the powerful Sentients, players will eventually be able to acquire arm-takeover superweapons. In order to defeat powerful Sentients, players will need to make use of the Focus System, which is planned to be expanded at a later date. These weapons will possess one of the Tenno’s arms on equip and can have devastating effects on the battlefield. Once equipped, these superweapons can be removed or modified with cosmetic items.


Finally, Digital Extremes is going to begin putting more emphasis on new events. One of the next events scheduled will involve a Grineer trial by combat. Players will be tasked with competing in arenas where they will take on Grineer champions. This will be both a quest and event combined into one, which should also expand on the syndicate presence in the game.

Additionally, a new “sports” game mode was teased. According to the developers, it will be light and fun while not requiring Tenno to physically kill each other. Apparently, it will be loosely based on the game Rocket League.

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Source: Twitch.tv