Royal Quest has pretty much everything that the aspiring fantasy gamer is looking for, from beautiful, lush environments, to sprawling cities, player controlled castles, fast paced PVP, and most importantly, classes. While the game certainly aspires to be a more modern MMORPG, it definitely went the traditional route when it came to classes. At the start of the game (the creation of your character) you will choose one of four very generic sounding classes, and once you reach the ripe old level of twenty, you will have the opportunity to choose between two sub classes.

Some of these sub-classes are firmly rooted in technology while others are more of the fantasy variant. It all depends on what type of game you want to play, and most importantly, how you want to play your character. Do you see yourself as a hunter, one with nature, running through the forests with your bow in hand? Or do you see yourself as more of the lonely sniper, rifle at the ready, prepared to take on the forces of evil with the advent of gunpowder, cunning, and patience? The choice is yours, at least after you hit level twenty. The world of Aura is always in danger, besieged by invaders and hiring heroes to help it overcome these dark times. What kind of hero will you be?

Royal Quest Class Guide

The Warrior

The warrior, also known as the tank, is strong, tough, and isn’t afraid to rush into combat wielding a heavy sword. They are the quintessential heroes, dressed from head to toe in plate armor, drawing agro, and generally taking all of the credit for the kill once the boss fight comes to its epic conclusion.

Royal Quest - WarriorUpon reaching level twenty, the warrior can branch out by choosing between either a Death Knight or a Crusader. There are significant differences between the two classes, though it is nothing that you wouldn’t expect.

Death Knight The Death Knight is more of a destructive force than the base warrior, focusing on the infliction of pain on enemies, and offers very few buffs for party members. In other words, this is a great solo class, and perhaps an even better PVP class. Most importantly, they’re immune to undead attacks. If you want to venture out on your own and stay alive doing it, you choose the Death Knight.

Crusader The Crusader is still able to mount a decent offense, but its abilities are crafted largely around ensuring the party is protected. From healing powers, to the ability to erect magical barriers, the crusader is an optimal choice for leading a party into battle, and perhaps even standing behind the Death Knight as he or she just does their thing.

The Archer

There is no denying that the archer is a DPS class, though definitely entry level compared to the other two variants that you will have accessRoyal Quest - Archer to after level twenty. The archer excels in attacking from a distance, but he or she always needs to keep moving. If they’re doing their job right, they’ll be able to vanquish the enemy before they can even get close. That being said, as an archer you need to spend your time increasing your range attacks along with your movement speed. It’s all about moving in the shadows and never seeing the enemy up close.

Most notably, an archer should most definitely excel in making sure that the enemy is disabled or at the very least extremely debuffed. If you are in a party, there is nothing more important than making sure that the encounter is easier for the rest of the group, and an archer can definitely do that, even at the lower levels.

Hunter The hunter is definitely a variant of the archer, though with far more down to earth tastes. They blend in seamlessly with the natural world, moving effortlessly through the canopy of trees, camouflaging themselves amongst the bushes, and moving in for the kill when the time comes. The hunter uses traps, and they know the world around them like no one else.

Sniper If guns are more your speed, then the sniper is definitely in your wheelhouse. Casting aside the bow in favor of pistols or rifles, the sniper relies upon a mixture of chemistry and mechanical devices to bring down the enemy in the most painful way possible. In many ways they are much like the archer in that they specialize in ensuring that the enemy does not even manage to get close to them, but these methods are augmented with the availability of mechanical traps, along with deployable drones and other battle devices. The sniper is welcome in any party, and can take down nearly any enemy, given enough time and of course, the right equipment. As a sniper, you are an unnatural force in a natural world, and moving against the tide never felt so right.

The Mage

If you’re interested in trying your hand as a DPS class but the bow isn’t your thing, then why not command the power of the elements? There is nothing quite like shooting fire from your fingertips and invoking the power of the storm, disabling your enemies, defending your allies, and most importantly, making sure that everyone gets to the loot at the end of the encounter. Even a basic mage can be a great addition to any party, even if they don’t wear heavy armor or command the strength of a warrior. Don’t worry, it’s all about brains, not brawn.

Sorcerer Just as with every other class, the mage can choose between two classes at level twenty, and the sorcerer is always one of the Royal Quest - Magemost popular. Not only do they command the elements, they command powerful AOE attacks capable of damaging multiple enemies at once. Additionally, they are able to disable their enemies completely while unleashing some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Finally, consider that sorcerers who don’t necessarily want to jump into the fray can also use this as a healing class, keeping their friends alive so that they might continue the fight, get the loot, and move on to the next encounter. No matter which path you choose to take, the sorcerer is without a doubt one of the most sought after party classes, next to the tank. Then again, the tank takes credit for everything.

Warlock While the sorcerer is capable of healing and casting powerful elemental attacks, the Warlock has chosen a slightly different path. Focusing instead on Chaos magic, the Warlock is limited in their abilities, mostly when it comes to anything positive in nature. Rather than being both defensive and offensive, they are completely offensive, and are able to feed on the pain and suffering of their enemies. If you have a bit of an evil streak in you, this is the way you want to go.

The Rogue

If you identify more as a lone wolf than anything else, then taking up the mantle of the rogue might just be for you. A plethora of abilities allow the rogue to infiltrate enemy encampments, whether it’s stealing intel, committing a random murder, or just causing a distractions to that the rest of the party can ‘do their thing’. The rogue is cunning, immoral, and uses all of the dirtiest tricks in their arsenal to get the job done. If you want to win, but don’t want to compromise your own morals in the process, call a rogue, they don’t have any morals.

Royal Quest - RogueThieves Once again diving into the pit of immorality, and depravity, the rogue can further his or her art of deception by becoming a thief, which is precisely what it sounds like. They have the ability to wear shields, use swords, or even two handed axes. They can use this arsenal at their disposal to disable the enemy, disarm them, and dispatch them in any way they see fit. You’re like a reverse Robin Hood, and it’s never been more fun.

Assassins Life is disposable and replaceable, at least in the eyes of the assassin. You live in the shadows, you sneak into the most heavily guarded fortresses, you take the lives of even the most prestigious of individuals. Quite frankly, no one is safe. Your prowess is unmatched throughout the entirety of the world, and with the art of both cunning and poison, you will prevail over even the most fearsome of enemies. Quite frankly, they never had a chance.

Royal Quest - Sniper

If you’ve never played Royal Quest before, you’re seriously missing out. Then again, considering it came from the creators of King’s Bounty, why wouldn’t it? If you want to learn more about the game check out our review. Choose your class, mount up, and head into the wild as you either fight for justice in the name of the King, or simply rob some caravans. It’s time to embark on your Royal Quest.