The Wargaming Community Contributor program has been a great avenue for players in the World of Tanks community to voice their opinions about the game and draw attention to the title overall, both positive and negative. One of those voices, a YouTuber by the name of SirFoch, has claimed that Wargaming copyright strikes were employed to censor a video that pointed out pay-to-win tactics in a recently released tank.

wargaming copyright strikes

The video in question was concerning the Tier 8 Chrysler K GF, a tank that reportedly is difficult to kill unless users fire Premium Ammo at it. SirFoch re-posted his video discussing the matter as well as opening with the claim that his prior video was censored by Wargaming.

SirFoch would later take to the World of Tanks subreddit to further elaborate on the allegation. "Was my Video over the line? Sure it was. Do I regret making it? Hell no. Did I lose CC status? You betcha. Do I care? Not really," he wrote. Screenshots of an interaction as evidence of the threat were also shared in the same post.

Wargaming's Head of Community Management Nijial has responded on a related forum thread, saying that Wargaming did not issue a strike.

"I want to point out that there was no copyright claim done on SirFoch and I assure you it wouldn't have come to that. That leaves the questions on our communication yesterday with SirFoch, where the focus was completely and only on his vocabulary, unfortunately the wrong words had been chosen to express the importance of the situation to us.

And I apologize to SirFoch, censorship was in no way ever the goal. We will certainly learn from the situation and will continue to work on [the way we] communicate."

We have reached out to Wargaming for additional comment on this matter and will update the story the moment we hear back with any statement.

Our Thoughts

Obviously, we don't have the original video to go by to know whether it was slanderous or not. All we have to go on is claims from both sides in the open forums of the internet. Of course, the question of just what happened to the original video remains unanswered, but we're sure this matter has raised a lot of eyebrows within the World of Tanks community.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube, official forums

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