Massive Battles Coming Soon with World of Tanks Frontline Mode

Fights in World of Tanks can get pretty big, but Wargaming is thinking bigger with the announcement of Frontline mode. This new game type entering testing ramps up both team size and map size to impressive new heights.

frontline mode

Frontline is a 30v30 clash of tanks on a map that spans over 9 square kilometers. One team will act as the attacking side, while the other plays defense. Action will play out over the course of several rounds until a winner is declared.

The new mode is a collaborative effort with Bongfish, a developer of several mobile and console titles who has worked with publishers such as Namco and Microsoft. CEO and Founder of Bongfish Michael Putz expressed his excitement at the team-up in a statement. “We’re passionate about authentic gameplay and vast open spaces, and so are World of Tanks developers. By working with them, we can channel this passion to create something one of a kind for tankers to enjoy,” said Putz.

The Frontline mode is now available on the World of Tanks Sandbox test server. A video discussing the mode and the partnership between Wargaming and Bongfish can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

What’s more fun than tanks? More tanks! Frontline sounds like an impressive mode, and we’re sure cramming 60 tanks in one place will lead to a lot of harrowing and fun gameplay moments. We’re very curious to know more about the mode as well as what players think.

Source: press release

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