Blankos Block Party is a game whose dev team comprises industry veterans coming from titles including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero. It feels like Fall Guys and its mechanics are reminiscent of Roblox. Despite this, however, it carves out a unique space of its own in no small part due to one big component: NFTs.

In this open world party game, players can curate, create and partake in myriad minigames that can include racing, shoot-em-up, tag and collection modes. The gaudy cast of ‘Blankos’ that each player controls are officially owned by the player as NFTs. And each skin, created in collaboration with artists, designers and creators from around the world, can be bought and sold via the marketplace.

Blankos Block Party Key Features

NFT Avatars - In Blankos, players assume control of a ‘vinyl’ avatar reminiscent of a Funko Pop. Once purchased (and unboxed), the player owns the digital rights to that character. Thus, players can choose to sell their possessions and purchase others. Each skin is finite, meaning their value can increase once sold out, or if they are particularly scarce. And if kept in their digital ‘box’, their value can increase over time. Just like that Luke Skywalker toy your uncle still hasn’t opened.

Create and Play - Much like Roblox, players are free to create games within a game. Either partake in the premade quests created by the devs, and earn some rewards in the process, or get together with creative minds to invent a block party of your own design. With an extensive yet garish toolkit, hours can be lost creating and testing out unique playgrounds with playable NFTs.

Free To Play - Blankos Block Party is free to play with a marketplace full of purchasable accessories and characters. Plus, players can choose whether to go it alone or join up with others and truly live up to the ‘block party’ style.