It was, indeed, a Countdown to Extinction. ARK: Extinction has been revealed at the end of the clock that has been ticking down at around the beginning of the month with an expansion that's bringing players back to dangerously ravaged Earth.

ark: extinction

While firm details on just what this expansion is bringing are a bit on the slim side, ARK: Extinction does promise veteran players of the survival sandbox what sounds like a significant challenge. Earth is now an Element-infested landscape of organic and technical beasts and roaming Titans, where players are invited to discover the secrets of the past and the keys to salvation.

In the months running up to the arrival of Extinction, players of ARK can look forward to regular updates with Extinction-related Explorer's Notes. Collecting all of these Notes will unlock new skins and spawn Tek-themed variants of several dinos on the ARKs themselves.

It all leads up to a final release of Tuesday, November 6th worldwide on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. So, y'know, there's another countdown to extinction. In the meantime turn off the Megadeth and turn on the reveal trailer below.

Our Thoughts

It all certainly sounds intriguing, to be sure, but we're definitely more curious on just what sort of new gameplay or systems this Extinction expansion will be offering ARK players. We're sure to get more details as the months slide by.

Source: press release

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