The EVE Online Alpha clone - the system that essentially made EVE Online a free to play MMO - was good. Very good, in fact. So consider that the devs are going to ease off on some of the Alpha clone restrictions and things could potentially get even better.

eve online alpha clone

While the devs admit that the new Alpha clone system was a net positive for EVE Online, there are still a few things that could be improved. "We have these great signs that Alpha access to EVE is something the world wants, but, on the other hand, we also see evidence that the current Alpha experience is too restricted to hold players long term," reads the post.

To that point, EVE Online will be opening up a number of skills to Alpha clones in order to make the free experience feel less like an "infinite trial". Small and medium Tech II weapons, battlecruisers, and battleships will all be attainable by Alpha clones, and Ship Command skills and weapon systems from all four of EVE Online's factions will be trainable.

With all of these skills opening up, free skill training for Alphas will see a cap of 5 million total points. "As we looked at adding more skills to the Alpha set we realized that bringing along free passive training up to the new Alpha cap, like we did the first time around, would cause problems," reasons the post. "The more free training we give away the less valuable skill points become, which is not good for existing players, scary for CCP, and inevitably harmful to game balance and the game economy."

The adjustments to Alpha clones is set to come to EVE Online with the game's December update. You can check out a full breakdown of the devs' plans as well as a full chart of upcoming Alpha clone skills on the EVE Online website.

Our Thoughts

The greater majority of those new skills are big news for EVE Online players, whether that player is an Alpha or an Omega clone. We're certain that CCP will keep a very close eye on how these new adjustments will shift things for free and subscribed players, but here's hoping the changes will continue the Alpha clone state's positive influence to EVE.

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