EVE Online Players Record a $6,000 Kill

Just in case anyone was worried that EVE Online was somehow becoming less dangerous for unwary players, this piece of news should put your mind at ease. A Vanquisher Titan has been taken out of the sky by a large group of wily players, marking the first time the massive craft has been defeated in combat.

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The kill was recorded on May 7th, 2017, though the news itself wasn’t fully spread until a forum post on the 13th. The Vanquisher was brought to the The Forge region of the Maila system, where it was swarmed by over 100 ships.

The Vanquisher cost over $400 billion in ISK, which lines up to over $6K, over €4K, or over £3K depending on where you live. If you love stats, you can check out the complete breakdown along with an absolutely staggering table of dropped and lost items here, or watch the full video of the kill below.

Our Thoughts

Ideally, this particular player considered the risks in flying such an expensive spaceship around. That said, we’re thinking perhaps this is one player who was a bit overconfident in their ability to withstand an attack and paid a very dear price. If there’s one takeaway from this story, it’s the age-old in-game adage of never flying what you can’t afford to lose.

Source: official forums via Massively Overpowered

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