EVE Online Lifeblood Stokes the Fires of Industry

Industrial players and space rock nibblers have seen a pretty significant boost with the release of EVE Online Lifeblood, the latest content update that offers a variety of new ways to harvest the resources of the sandbox. Because after all, what’s a galactic war without a massive supply chain?

eve online lifeblood

As detailed previously, Lifeblood has brought a major adjustment to the way moon mining works, with the operation now a more directly involved matter instead of a passive one.

Another major addition in Lifeblood is the new Resource Wars content, which asks pilots to work cooperatively to load freighters and protect them from attacking pirates. PvE-minded players can also take advantage of adjustments to The Agency, a feature that lets you scan for other PvE content and find other pilots taking part in PvE.

The rest of EVE Online has also seen some adjustments and additions, such as new Guristas Shipyards that house new capital ship blueprints, pirate forward operating bases, a balance pass to Alpha Clone ships, and more. Complete details can be found here and a trailer detailing the Lifeblood update’s features can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Fire up your favorite ORE mining ship! As an EVE player who prefers to float through the void and eat as many asteroids as he can, Lifeblood definitely sounds like the kind of update that’s right up my alley. Here’s hoping other industry-minded Capsuleers enjoy the content!

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