Now that the creepy Mind Worm mount has been unearthed, World of Warcraft players have turned to a new target: hidden Hunter pets. And if history has shown us, WoW players are nothing if not tenacious as three of those hidden tames have already been achieved.

hidden hunter pets

The three pets in question are the Lost Spectral Gryphon, Fenryr, and Gon. The Gryphon is tameable through the finding and clicking of a Spectral Feather item in Stormwind, and Gon can be found by locating a Spectral Eggshell in Orgrimmar.

Fenryr was originally found by clearing the Halls of Valor, waiting for the dungeon's soft reset, then zoning back in to find the creature in his cave. However, this has since been hotfixed to require players to solo Hymdall and Fenryr on Mythic difficulty.

According to Wowhead, there are still several hidden Hunter pets yet to tame, including Lalathin.

Our Thoughts

Leave it to WoW players to unearth all of these secrets! We really love how the devs have put these little treasures all over the game, and we're definitely interested to know what other discoveries players will make. In the meantime, congratulations to the players who were the first to make these discoveries!

Source: Wowhead

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