There is an infinite amount of RPGs designed for consoles, browsers and smartphones. But what do the three letters that keep on popping up stand for? RPG is the abbreviation for Role Playing Game, which gives inexperienced users a much better idea of what it entails. Once you start exploring the RPG category on mmogames.com, you will find free MMORPG online games that you can play online using your computer or smartphone. These role playing games aren’t just a virtual phenomenon. In real life, groups of people gather for live role playing games, also called LARP (Live Action Role Play). Dressed up in costumes and with necessary equipment, role players act out scenes from their favorite vampire, zombie, sci-fi or Western fiction, only to name a few. For tabletop or pen-and-paper role-playing games, players sit in a circle and explore new worlds without leaving the living room.


Users enter fascinating worlds with MMORPG games online


Participating in free MMORPGs online is incredibly simple. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. You can also find the right online MMORPG on your smartphone, tablet or console. Just check the NEWS section on mmogames.com! But why do so many users love these games? It’s an amazing experience for a person to slip into the role of a fictional character who might have completely different character traits. At the beginning of an online MMORPG, you can choose your avatar and a matching personality. Oftentimes, there is a selection of warriors, villains, magicians, paladins and more. Just like the different character types, there is also a variety of settings:


  • Dark Age
  • Horror
  • Post-Apocalypse
  • Fictional worlds like “The Witcher“-universe, “Dungeons & Dragons” and more


In the beginning, the avatar that you choose in your free MMORPG game only has basic skills and features, which is what you will have to work on during the game. Over time, you can improve your character’s skills and expand his or her portfolio by adding new ones. At the same time, the avatar in an MMORPG will have to face challenges that become increasingly harder, which is why so many gamers feel drawn to this genre.


Quest after quest to success


Quests represent an important part in a role-playing game. In general, quests are tasks that have to be fulfilled over the course of the game. NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) usually present you with the task that will help you reach your goal. Next to the main quest that advances the storyline, you also need to complete side quests. These serve to evolve your avatar who can find useful items along the way while taking part in many other adventures that strengthen his or her skill set.