One of the gameplay mechanics that we touched on briefly in our interview with the devs was about Bless Online creature taming, where the devs stated that the system would be "massive". We now have some insight into just how massive that will be in the most recent developer update.

bless online creature taming

To be specific, 660 of the creatures that can be found in Bless Online can be tamed as pets or mounts, regardless of class. That number covers the whole gamut of types from cute and cuddly to more ferocious and fearsome, including some elite-level monsters. The more creatures you tame, the higher your taming skill becomes.

Taming creatures isn't just a stylistic choice, either; creatures under your thrall can also be leveled up to confer benefits to your character. How this system works wasn't directly detailed in the announcement, but additional information on that front could come later.

In the meantime, players can take a peek at the myriad monsters waiting to become your horse pants in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

At the surface level, this system sounds a bit like one found in Riders of Icarus, though presumably not quite as involved. That said, it is definitely an interesting feature and is likely to become its own sort of playstyle if the system is implemented in an interesting and fun way.

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